Re-Amplifier (for low power amps) / Attenuator (for high power amps)

Unleash V2 - The World’s First Re-Amplifier and Attenuator Combo For Tube Amplifiers

• Reactive load input (patent pending) keeps feel intact

• Two foot-switchable channels

• 1/10 to 100 watt output

• Variable input impedance 4, 8, 16 OHM

• Headphone and direct recording out

Re-Amplifier or Attenuate Featured Applications:

• Add a second channel and an effects loop to your favorite amplifier without drilling any holes

• The ability to gig with your favorite lunchbox or small wattage amplifier as it attenuates up to 100 watts with two separate channels

• Turn any combo into a wet-dry rig with an extension cab

• Direct out to play or record your favorite amplifier, or play into headphones silently

When Bad Cat introduced the Unleash in 2013, it was a new category of product. The Unleash is a combination amp attenuator and re-amplifier that can be used to boost. Not only could you attenuate larger amps down to manageable volumes, but for the first time you could boost your small, low wattage amplifier to 100-watts of power without any degradation of tone.

The world's first Re-Amplifier and Attenuator just got better. The new features in the Unleash V2 include switchable impedance on our reactive load input, silent recording options, and headphone outputs & speaker phase selector. Also, we added an error-proof circuit protection to guard against incorrect connection damage. The Unleash V2 no longer requires speakon style cables. All speaker outs are now 1/4 inch.

The Unleash V2 still offers foot switchable dual channels and a very handy effects loop. So, whether you are trying to attenuate your 100-watt beast or drag your favorite 1-watt along to the gig, the Unleash V2 will keep your sound intact, regardless of the night's volume requirements.

Custom Options

We offer additional custom options for building your amplifier or speaker cabinet. Please contact us at: 1-800-730-0966 to speak with one of our account representatives about our wide selection of high-quality cover options. You can also email us at:

Unleash V2


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